The Vault #1


A claustrophobic undersea cavern where angels fear to tread is the basis for The Vault, a new trilogy by Image Comics.

Beginning with a scene from the End of the World, the storyline is taut with adventure and intrepid exploration of a mysterious new cavern found ‘neath Sable Island, an island 150 miles southeast of mainland Nova Scotia in the Atlantic Ocean and known as the Graveyard of the North Atlantic for racking up an impressive record of wrecked ships.  The story arc firmly entrenches itself in the lore of the continuity as the ship’s name is the Revelation and in the next scene we see a crewmember reading up on Eschatology, or the study of the Apocalypse.

Throughout the book, members of the on-board crew operate in tandem communicating to undersea divers and assisting with technical guidance and advice as they search for archaeological relics and treasure.  As with any real-world venture, financing is an issue and the team of explorers are at their proverbial rope’s end with regards to funding.  As they contemplate a potential new investor, Mr. Kirilov, to help continue their exploratory ventures, they realize he wants the entire booty, which of course is an unacceptable proposition for most of the team considering how much they’ve already heavily invested personally in time, money, and their expertise.  The story (courtesy of Sam Sarkar) is keen on character development with a team complement of two women, one a specialist in information and technology and the other a co-team leader, Dr. Gabrielle Parker and four men including the other co-leader Dr. Michael Page and members from Argentina and the Canadian Joint Task Force 2.

The art (courtesy of Garrie Gastonny) is superb and gives high quality definition to the undersea and on-board action with explanatory facial expressions of each member in any situation they find themselves.  The ending of The Vault #1 ties back to the beginning of the book as the team unearths a cryptic artifact relating to the End of the World while an impending storm carries an air of menace separating the ship from crewmembers on the island and a sliver of chill through the current as we tread in anticipation for the next chapter.

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