I’m back!

If you have a young nerd like I do and they want to have a great weekend filled with adventure and good group dynamic as well as a fun and invigorating learning experience then you MUST check out the Adventuring Guild. Part Role Playing, part Mythology, part awesome The adventuring Guild is Hosted by Kyle Schossow and Kaity Bevenour the creators and head fun makers of AG will answer any questions you may have and will help guide your young one on an amazing fun filled adventure that might just sneak some learning in there as well 😉 Hosted here every Saturday at Crazy Freds.
     Due to the increase in interest and the fact that there are a bunch of awesome board games going around, as well as the in store interest I’ve decided to institute Board Game day as a way of encouraging more play and as a fun alternative to the game we all enjoy so much (MTG). I will also be carrying a select line of board games based on customer interest so if you have any suggestions and want to have a say in what YOUR store carries let me know!!! I want to make this place the best I can for YOU 🙂 More changes coming soon so stay tuned. And check the website soon as well. Thanks for being awesome and have a great day 🙂
P.S: If you have any comments or suggestions leave them here in the comments section so the rest of you can see each others ideas and maybe play off them. I know you have something to say and it may help me and the store be awesome so don’t keep it a secret!! LOL

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  1. Gilbert says:

    I have recently dived heavily in to board gaming. I have been going to meet ups all over San Diego playing games. but due to schedule changes now cant make it to the 2 consistent ones on Tuesdays at empire and Wednesdays at mira mesa Fuddruckers. but Thursdays when I tend to be free there is no consistent location hosting a board game meet up so I thought I would look around and see if I could find a place to host one and wile I was searching the web for possibility’s I found you web site. I have friends with plenty of games and I just met a guy that lives in east county that demos, test plays and promotes for a few game company’s that I am sure would love to come out. and as I read on you website you are looking at doing a board game night If Thursdays would work there wouldent be much competition from other board game groups that night. I think I can even get it posted on the meet up site under san diego board gamers.
    well let me know what you think

    • Mukariz says:

      Hello Gilbert, that sounds like an awesome idea to add to our play roster. Why don’t you come in on Thursday to discuss setting this up with Fred himself? He is always interested in more gaming, especially helping local game developers like your friend.

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