About Crazy FredHello, my name is Fred. Am I crazy? Well, that depends on who you ask.

I opened Crazy Fred’s about 12 years ago because there really wasn’t a fun place to buy, play and talk Magic The Gathering. At my store there is a game going everyday, with players from all over San Diego (and the world!), at all levels of ability. You can read comics here as well. That is, anything on the stand can be opened looked at and read. Of course please be respectful, but you’ll never hear “This isn’t a library, pal”, from me. I try to keep things pretty chill over here, so if your some aggro-maniac who can’t handle someone wiping the floor clean with your sorry deck, don’t come here. If you like to have great, and sometimes very competitive MTG games, love comics or just want to shoot the breeze, please stop on by.

I have been reading and collecting comics pretty much all of my life, or at least since I could read and look at pictures. My favorites have always been The Incredible Hulk and The Green Lantern. Something about green super heros? I dunno, just like them. I have been playing and collecting Magic The Gathering since it’s inception in 1993. I am an expert in deck design and strategy with almost 20 years of experience. If you have any questions about Magic, I am the guy to give you the knowledge you need. I am here to help anybody at any level experience, but I really love to help new players get on board the MTG wagon.