Crazy Fred Originals

Got Crazy T-ShirtCrazy Fred’s is proud to bring you Crazy Fred Original Clothing. Right now we are just getting started with T-shirts but will soon be expanding beyond that. There is nothing cooler than a comfy cotton T with my crazy mug on the front. All of the T’s are 100% cotton and not just for dudes, we will have a whole line of shirts for the ladies as well. Also kids sizes are available. Featuring artwork by James L. Brown.

COMING REAL SOON! What you see to the right here is the “Got Crazy?” T. It will come in Crazy Red and sized in standard sizes, ladies baby doll and kids sizes. I will have an online shopping cart soon, but in the mean time if you’d like to inquire about any of my products, feel free to call me at 619.303.6597.

Crazy Logo T-ShirtComing Soon! This handsome black T you see here is the standard Crazy Fred’s logo t-Shirt. Wear one of these to an MTG tournament and everyone there will know you mean business. Or just wear it around the ‘hood, but carry a big stick for keeping the ladies off. For you ladies out there, this T will also come in baby doll sizes. Once again, if you’d like to inquire about any of these items call Crazy Fred at 619.303.6597!